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Aero Dynamics

What can we do for you?

Adding aero dynamics to your race car is a great way to

add high speed grip, but it is important not to confuse the

grip gained from aero dynamics with mechanical grip.

Adding aero work will always help with high speed corners

much more than low speed corners and hairpins.

Fundamentally we are looking to control air flow around your car, smoothing and stabilizing the air through high and low pressure areas. This can be a very expensive exercise when chasing that final 10%. Simulations and modeling can be done to get the very best results for your particular car/design. Adding down-force also increases drag, so depending on the drag coefficient of your aero package, you will likely need extra HP to compensate and reach your top speed while your car is being pushed to the ground. Most rear wings are adjustable to help balance the front and rear down-force while some front under- trays/splitters have an adjustable leading edge to adjust front down-force. With these adjustments, you will require track time to dial out under and/or over steer. Also important is to keep an eye on your tire temp. as the tires will be working harder with the added down-force. As we start to control the air flow around the car it is also important not to forget about the things that need air. These include oil coolers, radiators, inter-coolers while also removing the radiant heat from around your drive- line (engine, gear box and diff) as well as your brakes. Channeling the air around these areas and expelling the hot air into low pressure zones is just as important as the down-force itself. There is no point having high levels of grip if you keep over heating. With all this in mind, over the years Trackart has custom made and/or mounted various aero parts to a wide range of race cars, including aluminum honeycomb floors with flush mount jacking points. So if adding some form of aero dynamics to your car is on your ‘to do’ list, then feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. -rear wing mountings and set up -rear diffusers -front splitters/under trays -flat floors -Canards -NACA ducts  
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