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-Roll cages     (CAMS/FIA/ANDRA) -Tube Bending  -TIG Welding  -MIG Welding  -Mild steel  -CDS/CDW  -Chrome Moly  -Stainless steel  -Aluminium   -Harness Bars -Mounting Harnesses -Seat Mounting  -Panel Modifications  -Fitting Bonnet Pins  -Inner door Panels  -Aluminium Floor plates  -Seam Welding  -Custom Exhausts, & Extractors -Tow Points -Fitting Fire Bombs & fire extinguishers  -General metal welding Welcome to  Trackart Custom Fabrications Pty Ltd,  Established in 2011  Specializing in CDW 350 & Chrome moly 4130 CAMS & FIA Approved Roll Cages Road/Rally/Circuit/Drag and Drift!
Roll Cages All Trackart Roll Cages are Tig welded*, also all CAMS & FIA Approved Roll Cages are fitted with a manufacturers serial number and CAMS R.O.P.S paperwork is provided.      All our Roll Cages are photo documented, which shows the bar layout, and all the welds, gussets and tagging to the body.      So feel free to contact us to talk about your options to suit both your budget and what you want to do with your car!
Fabrication All Trackart fabrication work is customized to suit  both owner and vehicle.      From fitting race seats, harnesses/ harness bars and fire extinguishers up to custom Exhausts, panel modification and much much more.....      Specializing in the one off and unusual.      Fabricating jobs from a single weld to full car rebuilds.          
Home Roll Cages Fabrication Image gallery Video's & links About us/Contact us FAQ's Site map cage designer PH:   03) 9553 4200     Mob: 0416 561 310           Unit 7, 1-7 Friars Road Moorabbin Vic 3189           Monday-Friday 8am - 3pm or by appointment ABN: 60 152 815 882 Quick links Fabrication Home Roll Cages Fabrication Image gallery Video's & links About us/Contact us FAQ's Site map 6 Point Roll Cage Roof bars Single bar Double bars V style bars Main hoop 2nd Diagonal Main hoop Horizontal Rear stays Door intrusion bars Single bar A pillar bars Rear harness bar Dash bar Double bars Top View Side view Front view of main hoop rear leg rear leg rear leg main hoop main hoop 1st main hoop diag Forward leg Forward leg Forward leg windscreen header bar Forward leg brace Rear diagonals Single bar Double bars 4 Point Roll Cage Select your options This is a simple illustration to show the lay out and names of the  most common bars used in a CAMS/FIA Roll cage. These simple  drawings do not show gusseting which is required and/or  recommended when adding a second (cut) bar, as in the roof  diagonals, main hoop diagonals, double door intrusion bars, etc.  Select the various options to best design a Roll cage that best   suits what your after.  However, please note that depending on you level and type of racing will change some of your minimum roll cage requirements. So check you sup regs or contact us for more info.  Home Roll Cages Fabrication Image gallery Video's & links About us/Contact us FAQ's Site map Roll cage designer Cams & Fia Roll cages
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